Tis the Season......

Where do I even begin....what a crazy week it's been. Here's my summary of my past 7 days:
1. Night before I'm leaving to go up north - car makes weird noises. Bring car in - needs new back breaks - can't fix tonight as they close in 30 minutes. Crap. Make appointment for early morning - attempt to entertain kids for 1 hour in a car repair shop. I think I should get a trophy. Thank goodness there were no other customers in there.
2. Make it up north. Play in snow. Brett doesn't like it - at all. Colton wants to make snow fort. Talk him into a snowman. Snowman falls over the next day due to the rain.
3. Have first of 3 Christmases. Lots of nice gifts. Boys love it.
4. Class reunion (see previous post for details)
5. Get snowed in and have to stay up north one extra day.
6. Head out nice and early and fly home (just kidding mom, I drove the speed limit or less the whole way). Only have to stop to clean my windshield and adjust my wipers twice. Listen to 17 month old scream for 3 1/2 hours. Man that was a fun trip home.
7. Get home in time to shower and get ready for Christmas #2. Ate way too much. More nice gifts. Boys love it.
8. Rise and shine to see what Santa brought the boys. Open every present - remove those dang twist ties - seriously why does a Power Ranger need 36 of those things to keep it intact to it's box? Play play play. Get ready to go to Christmas #3.
9. Drive to Dad's. Eat lots more. Pants getting tight. MORE nice gifts. Boys still love it. Brett hacking up a lung. Colton stays up until midnight. Get up and drive home at 6:40am due to child still hacking up a lung and afraid he'll wake everybody up. Come home - take short nap. Get ready to go spend some time with great grandpa and grandma while their in town. Go grocery shopping. Stop at Target to buy meds for little one. Go home, put boys to bed and groceries away. Crash. Hard. Wake up to alarm at 5a.m. Back to reality.

This holiday season was great. Spending quality time with all my families is priceless. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of my children is indescribable. I am blessed to have a wonderful life and wonderful people in it. I'm looking forward to see what 2008 has in store for us!

In the meantime, here are a few random pictures from the past 7 days:

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