A couple of weekends ago, we took a little road trip to go spend some time with my step-brother and his family. Their boys are about the same age as ours and they have a blast together. Not to mention we adults have a good time too! We went out for lunch then onto some mini golf. Here are the boys: Colton, Brett, Jack and William. The course was a lot of fun. It was Colton's first experience in the world of mini golf. He just loved it. We didn't keep score except when I got a hole-in-one. Yeah, you read that right!
Then the older boys went on the go-karts with their dad's. While Kristen and I waited and waited with the younger fellas, we attempted to keep them occupied with....
their pirate costumes. That only accounted for a few minutes of entertainment unfortunately.
We wrapped up the evening with some good food and a few mind games of Battle of the Sexes and Trivial Pursuit. Thanks Nate and Kris for a great weekend!

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