Tomorrow I turn the big 3-0. I'm not mourning it, but looking forward to it. As I think back of all the things I've accomplished in the past thirty years, I can only hope my next thirty years are as good. What have I done these past thirty years....let's reflect, shall we?
  • Got my drivers license, graduated high school and voted for president for my first time.
  • Dyed my hair various colors and styled it various ways. Some turning out much, much better than others.
  • Received one speeding ticket and talked my way out of three others.
  • Graduated with a 4-year degree in 3 1/2 years at SCSU (now that's an accomplishment!)
  • Worked at a golf course, a taconite plant, a restaurant, a library, Target, a manufacturing plant and a hospital.
  • Had 2 amazing, wonderful, beautiful boys.
  • Married a wonderful man.
  • Bought a house without even seeing it in person.
  • Walked sixty miles in three days for breast cancer awareness.
  • Bought two new vehicles at the same time. SCARY!
  • Made new friends.
  • Got laid off. Got promoted.
  • Have learned what's really important in life.

I could go on, but bottom line is that in the past 30 years, I've experienced many things and learned even more. Here's to another 30 years!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!

lib said...

so glad to be a part of your first 30 years...you're a GREAT woman, leah!

South American Sara said...

Happy Birthday Leah! I like the way you posted to your first 30 years...reflexive and positive. You are inspirational!

jessica said...

i hope 30 is good to you. have a great day!

Jill said...

I agree with Lib...so glad to be a part of your first 30 years! And so glad you've been a part of mine..
Happy Birthday to you (although now belated). I wish you a lifetime more of happiness!

jenny said...

happy birthday! hope you have a fantastic day!

i still think it is crazy that you are going to be 30. seems like just yesterday we were locking dustin in the pantry cupboard! :)

Jaci said...

Happy Birthday dear!!!!!!!!!!


Jaime Cox said...

sorry I missed it Leah! Happy belated birthday! Great post!