No. 69...Deliver Baked Goods to a Neighbor....

Another one on my big list to cross off.
This past Sunday I went on our annual trip to the apple orchard with some college girlfriends (I'll post pictures when they send them to me and tell you all about our secrets). A few days before we went, I received the new Kraft magazine (love it!) and in there was a recipe for an Apple Tart. I had also gone to the grocery store to purchase a couple of the items that I would need to create this tasty treat, except for the apples - on purpose.
I carefully selected my apples knowing that I would be making the Apple Tart. Last night after dinner, I whipped up 2 of them! One for my family, because, let's just be honest, I needed a practice round and a taster - nothing worse than making a dessert (and giving it to somebody)that doesn't taste good!
I brought over the better looking of the two, with some cool whip, to our neighbors. They have 3 kids. Two boys that are off in college and a girl that just started kindergarten. I'll just say that they were thrilled when I came running out of my door at 8:30 as they were getting out of their van with a late night treat for them.
About 3 minutes later, Geri called me to tell me that they were happily feasting on the Apple Tart and wanted to thank me - "you are such a sweetheart, thank you."
I was just smiling feeling good that I made a difference to their sweet tooth that night.

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Jill said...

That is a really good feeling. Wishing I was your neighbor right now....yum!