My Day.....

My husband has many opportunities to get away for a day or weekend throughout the year. There's deer hunting for two long weekends in November, an annual ice fishing trip in January and then other ice fishing days through out the long long long winter here in Minnesota.
I don't really have those opportunities. Actually, I take that back. There is the annual girls weekend in August, but other than that, there are usually kids in tow. Not that I don't love my boys, but it is nice to have a day or more away every now and again.
My husband encourages these getaways mostly for the fact that if I have getaways, he won't get the riot act every time he heads out of town. But, like most women/wives/mothers, you feel like you should be doing something else other than enjoying a day away. For me, because I work out of the house full time, I feel like I don't see my kids all that much during the week, so the weekends are for family time. Also, there is always laundry to do, dust bunnies to clean, carpets to vacuum - you get the idea. However this Saturday is going to be different!
Mike arranged for my mother-in-law to take Brett during the day on Saturday and overnight. Mike and Colton are going to go do some dad/son bonding at the community pool, shoot some hoops at the gym and perhaps go see a movie since it's too cold to ice fish. Me? I'm going to enjoy some quiet, alone time. I know what I'm not going to do! I'm not going to clean, I'm not going to do laundry and I am not going to worry about what to make for dinner. It's going to be wonderful!
What would you do if you had a full day to yourself?


Denise said...

I am having on of those days today! me, myself and I..... I did spend the morning cleaning, because I can't relax unless it is done... But it is so quite here I have the radio loud and I am going to maybe take a nap, or run to town. We mom's need these days and they are WONDERFUL..Enjoy your's I know that I am enjoying mine.

jenny said...

oh god - if i were home i'd probably clean, blog, catch up on days (dvr'd), and get outside to take some pictures. next weekend we are having a girls weekend - staying in duluth for bowling state tourney. i can't wait!

enjoy your day!

Jill said...

Oh, Leah-
you so deserve this! You are a hard-working, dedicated mother and wife that DOES put so much time into others. I hope you lay on the couch, in your jammies, read a magazine or a good book, flip through junk TV, eat whatever you want, order in a pizza or go pick up take out...WHATEVER! There is ALWAYS time to clean, and blog, and catch up on something, but you need to take care of yourself!

I can't answer this question b/c I am very blessed and get quite a bit of time to myself...
but I also know that it's what keeps me ticking, and what keeps me being a better wife and mother.


Swanson Family said...

I would be so so so happy, and probably cry if it ever came true. a day to myself!?!?!

IF it ever happened, I would show, head to paint your plate, go for a walk, or work out, sleep in, watch movies, eat, and have a glass of wine... I am guessing that is when i would awake from my dream... because seriosuly, I can't imagine it ever happening.

sad huh?

Jaci said...

Hmmm, interesting. I think that I would wake up, drink my pot of coffee...read the entire paper or an entire magazine...do my crossword puzzle. Not go near the computer. Not clean (although I'd feel guilty, I won't lie). Then I'd want to go in my closet & try on all my crappy clothes & try to figure out new outfits! Then I'd see what I was "missing" and go shopping--with A PURPOSE! And no pressure of a time to be back, or a quick window that isn't ever truly enough time.
I'd stroll through the mall...browse even?? Try on some shoes?? Different ones instead of just the ones I know I should be buying.

Then I'd treat myself to a meal & come home to read a book, drink some wine & go to bed!!!

WOW. That sounds like a wonderful day...I hope you make the most of yours! We'll want a full report!