Sick and Tired.....

It's been an interesting week at our house! Sunday evening, Colton spent the night at Grandma's with my niece. The goal was for them to go see a movie on Monday since school was closed. I received a phone call at work around 8am. I assumed it was a behavior update since both kids were a little wild when I left them on Sunday. Nope. It was a puke update. Lovely. Lucky for me, Grandma was willing to keep Colton for the day since she didn't have to work.
Monday - Mike picks up Brett from daycare and the kid asks if he can go to bed. WHAT?! He NEVER asks that. Sure enough. He's standing in the kitchen and pukes. Thank God we have hardwood floors!
Tuesday morning - I get out of the shower and Mike yells down to me to put on my sweats because I'm staying home. Poor Brett puked all over his bed Monday night. So he and I hung out Tuesday and caught some Obama action. Colton went to school feeling his chipper little self.
Wednesday night - I hear Colton's voice in my bedroom. "Mom, I threw up in on my bed and I don't think we're going to be able to get it out." Ugh. I run upstairs to find puke all over the sheets. Thank God it didn't get on the carpet. So I spent an hour throwing things in the laundry and scrubbing the mattress and then spraying the whole room with disinfectant. I look at Mike and say - you're staying home now. Mike ends up bringing both kids in this afternoon for a strep test and thankfully they are both cleared. It's just some virus.
Here we are, Thursday night and both kids are doing fabulous. Weird.

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Swanson Family said...

I am glad they are boht better. this bug that is going around is something serious!