Snow Removal....

I realize that I live in Minnesota, as do many others. So, let's take an opportunity to talk about removing snow off of your car BEFORE you drive it down the road shall we?
I've had many occasions this winter where it snowed during the day while I was at work. So, I get out to my car, grab the brush and start cleaning off my car so that I can see out of all the windows, and use my wipers and also I make sure my lights, both front and back, are visible.
It seems like every time it snows and I have to drive, I get behind the person who only clears off enough of the snow and/or ice to be able to see out of a little hole in their windshield. They've got snow blowing off their car onto mine (and no, I'm not tailgating) so that I feel I'm driving in a freaking blizzard when it hasn't snowed for hours.
There's my rant for Wednesday. Thanks for reading. ;)


jenny said...

i hear ya!

Jaci said...

Then there's folks like me who, I couldn't agree any more with you but one time...I actually took the time to scrape everything perfectly...but I didn't let the car warm up enough, and it frosted entirely on the INSIDE of the car! WTF! I actually had to pull over on 94 in a blizzard to let it defrost more completely while cars buzzed by me on the left. SCARY.