Lost Tooth

A couple of months ago, Mike noticed that Colton was growing a permanent tooth right behind a baby tooth. We took him to the dentist who told us it really wasn't a big deal and that everything would work it's way to where it needed to go.
On Monday when I picked the boys up from daycare, Colton came running up and told me that he had something hard and crunchy in is PB&J and then he started laughing hysterically. Come to find out, the kid bit into his sandwich, his tooth came out and he ate it.
Here he is without his baby tooth. I have to laugh because normally, you can get a picture of a toothless grin when they lose their first tooth/teeth. Not my kid. His is 75% of the way in already!


Swanson Family said...

crazy! so did he still get money for the tooth?

A Day In The Life.... said...

He sure did! ;)