I'm A Model If You Know What I Mean.....

I wanted to take Brett out and attempt to take some pictures of him for his 3 year old photo. Ever since Colton was born, I've gone to JCP's to do birthday photos up until he hit school age and then I'll let those be their annual photos.
I prepped Brett and told him that we needed new pictures of him to put in the frame because he' not 2 anymore and if he's good, I'd take him to the park and he can have a sucker. We had a deal. I brought along my little assitant (aka Colton) to help make him smile.....just incase.
He did so good. He was very patient with me as I was with him. We actually had a lot of fun. Below are just a few of the pictures - including some outtakes.

This is after he really got the hang of it. I thought we were done - Brett had other ideas. He said to me, "I want to sit here and then you take a picture." Ok.

I followed through on my promises. I played the safe mom and didn't let him have his sucker until after he played at the park.


Swanson Family said...

too cute, great pics.

Jill said...

Oh.my.Gosh. They are SUCH great pictures. LOOK at those blue eyes! And I love the pics of the brothers on the see saw. Awesome. Just awesome.