Happy Birthday!!

I cannot believe that 3 years have gone by since you made your entrance into this world. You've changed my life forever and I'm am so grateful to have you part of my world. I thought I would capture some of your favorite things at this age:
  • You love to be outside. You would stay out there all day and all night if I didn't make you come in.
  • You are stubborn.
  • You love to eat yogurt. As a matter of fact, you love to snack. Quite frequently I hear the pantry doors squeak open then the tupperware cupboard - 99.9% of the time this is you grabbing a box of crackers to dump into a bowl. For some reason, you require all your snacks to be poured into a bowl before eating.
  • You adore your brother, but you love to tease him. Instead of playing with his toys quietly when he isn't looking, you make sure he knows that you are into his stuff, which turns into a big chasing game and you laughing.
  • You have a great sense of humor and say the wildest things that just crack us all up.
  • You have amazing blue eyes that sparkle.
  • You love music and the louder, the better.
  • You are a momma's boy (thank you thank you thank you)
  • You are so very loved!
Happy 3rd Birthday Brett ~ July 3, 2009.


Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Brett-
You are such a cutie pie!!!!!

Swanson Family said...

Happy Birthday Brett! We are looking forward to celebrating tomorrow with you!