60 Miles - Day 3....

The final day. By this time we had already walked 43.2 miles. Only 17 miles to go. Piece of cake. Right?
The first 10 miles were painful. Painful. I think I had been compensating for my blisters on my right foot the day before and by doing so I really ticked off my knee. My body was angry with me, but I didn't care. I had to walk the last 7 miles. Lunch was at mile 10 and when we finally made it there it felt good to sit down. Well, at least to me. Marilyn thought it felt better to stand then sit.
I have no clue what happened at that 20 minute rest, but the next 5.5 miles flew by and then I saw this:

1.5 miles to go! That was it! I had done it!

The emotional closing ceremonies were held at the State Capitol. I doubt there was a dry eye in the crowd. All the walkers came in wearing our white victory shirts. Then all the survivors walked in wearing their pink victory shirts. Tradition is for the walkers to get down on one knee and hold up a shoe to honor the survivors. It was an amazing site.
A very special thank you to my wonderful family. They kept me motivated, forgave me for missing family time while I was out training and were very patient with me while I focused so much time fundraising. You boys are the best! I love you all!
I walk because I can. I walk because I cannot walk away. I walk because everybody deserves a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU FOR WALKING!! from a fellow walker from 2008...were you expecting cheers when you walked to get your mail:)

A Day In The Life.... said...

Very funny about the mail! When I walk down the hall at work I expect clapping and cheering. :)