60 Miles - Day One......

Friday August 20, 2010 we began our 60 mile journey to fight breast cancer. Opening ceremonies started at 7:00am. There were 2400 walkers ready to go. We started in Edina, cruised through Minneapolis and ended the day at Macalester College. 20.2 miles. The last 3 or so were up a nice steady incline.
The entire day was great. There were so many people at the cheer stations. Little kids handing out bracelets, mints, popsicles and candy. Survivors cheering us on with their signs. Such motivation!
Here we are at the start of Day One - full of energy and excitement. Here we are at the end of Day One. Smiling, sweaty and exhausted.
We were bussed to camp in Maplewood. Here's a few shots of our home away from home.
The showers:

Yes, those are semi-trailers with showers inside them. They were fantastic! Luckily Marilyn and I got done early enough during the day that we didn't have to wait in line.

The dining tent:
This is were we ate our breakfasts and dinners. The dinners were FABULOUS! This is also were we had the camp show every night which consisted of games, music and celebration.

The Rosemount football players volunteered their time to grab all of our gear and set up hundreds of tents.

This is the Remembrance Tent. While completely heartbreaking, it was something simply amazing. Inside were pictures of just a few 3-Day participants that lost their battle to breast cancer. There were also journals upon journals of people's message to the loved ones they have lost. Each city and their own white tent where you could write your personal message.

Each night the last walker into camp would raise the Never Give Up flag.
Day one was a memorable day despite the hour of rain and the fact that Marilyn and I missed a sign and took a wrong turn that added about 1 mile to our journey. I ended the day with just one blister which I consider very successful. The only downfall to the day? Having your tent neighbor (who was about 2 feet away) snore All.Night.Long!


Swanson Family said...

it was so much fun. thank you again for doing it with me.

Denise said...

wow good for you and thank-you for walking for a cure! I think I need to add this to my bucket list!!