Weekend Through Pictures....

The boys and I headed up north this weekend. We had so much fun! We spent hours playing with the rocket launcher:

Brett attempted to go on the slip and slide....it didn't work out so well for him. He face planted and didn't go near it again:

Colton went down it a few times, but decided in the end, it was just too chilly!

The boys saw a doe with her three fawns in the backyard:

and thought they would be able to sneak up on them:
Friday night was the town's Relay For Life event:
The night ended with Grandpa and Grandma buying the kids ice cream cones:

On Saturday we headed to Duluth. My mom bought tickets for Walking With Dinosaurs. It.Was.Amazing! We all loved it. I wish I would have brought my camera in, but didn't think they'd allow photos. Bummer.
Before the show, we were lucky enough to catch a 700+ foot boat come through:

What a great weekend!


Jill said...

1. That faceplant is super sad/funny. I feel bad laughing, but can't quite help it. Don't hate me.

2. Great pic of you and your boys. Your hair looks amazing. I was worried after that hair style post...but I think it looks great!

A Day In The Life.... said...

don't feel bad jill - i laugh too!!

Swanson Family said...

very nice. I think i saw that school in the background not to many weeks back. can't wait for a trip there!

Di said...

Lots of cool pics. Here's where I need to have some rent-a-kids because I really want to see the Walking with Dinosaurs! (ps no, sorry, I don't really want to rent kids, I just want it to be ok to be a geek)