60 Miles - Day Two....

Ah. Day two of our 60 mile journey. As you can tell by the picture, it was a bit misty at 6:30 a.m. on August 21, 2010.
I was feeling pretty good at the start of day two. A little stiff, but a nice slow and steady start warmed up the ol' calves. We walked 23 miles this day. Twenty. Three. Wow.
Marilyn and I received a fabulous surprise at one of the cheering stations. Our friends Jaci and Jill and their brood of boys came to cheer us on. That definitely was the highlight of my day (thanks ladies)!
The last 4+ miles felt like 100. It was on a straight path and it felt like I could see forever with no end in sight. I'm pretty sure each leg weighed 100 pounds and each foot another 50. By the end of day two I developed a few more blisters.
I hit up the medical tent after dinner to have a few of them lanced (that's just the "technical" term for popped) and immediately felt better.

The second best part of the day? Sleeping on a mattress. The first night we roughed it and that totally blew. Those 1 inch mattresses were a little slice of heaven that night!

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lib said...

awesome - way to go!