Proud Parent

Disclaimer: This post will be filled with me bragging about my child......

Tonight was my first experience at Parent/Teacher conferences. Mike had already met Colton's teacher during orientation, however this was my first encounter. I really wasn't nervous. It was more of a surreal feeling....I couldn't believe that I was attending a meeting with my child's teacher.
So, we walk in and there was she was - the teacher who Colton thinks is pretty cool. She is just the cute, young stereo-typical kindergarten teacher. I could probably fit her in my pocket. She was just adorable. Okay, back to the bragging part. She raved about Colton (now keep in mind this is my perception and the adjectives may be a little exaggerated, but you get the picture). She said he is very mature and seems older than he really is.
They do these tests throughout the year to measure their growth. Come to find out, his reading skills are above average, she had to cut him off at 30 during counting as she had other kids to 'test.' He can look at a picture, sound it out and tell you what letter it starts with. She also said that he is very popular in class and all the kids really like him. Not that being popular is important, but it is better than being picked on right? She ended our meeting by saying, that we have nothing to worry about and that he is doing just great.
Mike and I walked out of the room with big smiles on our faces, high-fived each other and said, now, if we could only get him to listen to us!


Swanson Family said...

too cute. Love the story. You do have great kids!!!!

I hope that all the conferences in the future go as well as this one did!!!

Jaci said...

Oh come on--Colton rocks! No need to use a disclaimer for bragging about him. (but it is always great to hear someone ELSE thinks your kids are as great as you do).

Too cute.