A week off....it was wonderful! I feel like I got a lot accomplished. I did a little shopping, I picked out our new entryway flooring (that my now handy husband did before Thanksgiving), I visited a college girlfriend, I hosted Thanksgiving, I went bowling, I was able to shampoo my stairs and I made a batch of Christmas cookies!

Here's the entryway - the white stuff is the before: Here;s the finished product - the picture is a little dark, but you get the idea.
Thanksgiving dinner:
It went well. We ended up with 12 people and tons of delicious food. Mike's parents, my dad and step-mom, the 4 of us, Bruce, Susan and Maison (our neighbors) and Bruce's dad. Our neighbors were on their way to Michigan Wednesday afternoon. They made it about 2 1/2 hours into their trip when the hit black ice and rolled their Trailblazer four times into oncoming traffic. Luckily there was some helpful travelers on the road with them. They think about 5 people helped the 3 of them get out as the car started on fire. Even more luckily, they all had their seat belts on and nobody ended up in the hospital! Lots of stiffness and bruises though. On Saturday we headed down to Steph's house where my mom and step-dad were for a fish fry and family Christmas pictures!
Hopefully you all had a great Thanksgiving and that your pants fit as tight as mine now!

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jenny cook said...

that's great you got so much done while you were off! the floor looks great. i have some nasty tile in my kitchen i can't WAIT to get rid of. what a great feeling that must be to have that done.

glad you had a nice thanksgiving!