The Saga Continues

We've been dealing with Brett's cold for about 2 months now. What started out as a 15 month well-child visit turned into a double ear infection which turned into a follow up visit that turned into one ear infection that turned into a continued ear infection as of this morning!! Ugh. Poor kid. We've got a third kind of medicine for a 10 day period. I really hope this one works. If not, we're off to an ENT for possible tubes. Oh and on top of it, he's got some bronchial thing going on so we're back to the neb like last year. Bummer. We're lucky that he's still in good spirits - other than the coughing, you'd never know he had anything wrong.
Oh - and day one of my five days off was wonderful (other than the doctor visit)!


Jill said...

Man, it's gotta be the weather, or their age, or something. I am 2 hours away from home in my hometown, and Gage was into the ER this AM already...
touch of pneumonia or something going on in one lung and ANOTHER ear infection in his left ear. I think this is like his 4th in 6 months or something. So, we may be hitting up an ENT the next time around as well. I feel your pain! lets hope these little guys get better soon! Then we can get them all together and play again!

Swanson Family said...

Oh no, bummer ot hear. I hope that Brett feels better soon and the medicine really works.

Enjoy the rest of your days off-snot!!! :) Love ya!


Mom of 2 said...

Leah... Good luck with Brett. Sorry to hear about that.

I have to tell you that I copied you with your hair poll. I found this upscale salon that needs people to practice on. So, free for me if I dare:)

Hope you had a great Tgiving!

jenny cook said...

oh - i sure hope that brett gets to feeling better soon! dealing with a sick kid gets to be so draining!

hope you had a good thanksgiving!