The Verdict

I had my hair appointment last night. Oh, I just love getting my hair done. I've been going to Ashley now for almost a year. I've never been one to find a stylist and stick with them...I usually go wherever they can get me in on my schedule. Anyhow, Ashley is great. She's young, doesn't talk too much and does a GREAT scalp massage while she's washing your hair.
I chatted with her about my poll on my blog and asked what her recommendation was. Oh, by the way, she knows all about my lack of skill when it comes to hairstyles, colors, cuts, etc. and she still takes my appointments....gotta love that. Maybe it's just the amount of money I pay her. Oh well. Whatever. Back to last night. She informed me that I still have a lot of blond in my ends and that "we should just do a partial highlight pulling through the darker color and a little of the red that we have underneath your top layers." Wow. OK, you're the expert - sounds good to me. I think it looks darker than it did before I walked into the salon, but there's more red in it which is kind of fun. I wasn't going to get my hair cut as I'm trying to grow it out, but she said that we really needed to get rid of about 1 1/2 inches to freshen it up. She also put in rounded layers so that when I leave my hair down (opposed to the only other style I know - the ponytail) it will lay nicer. Oh, she's good.
I'll have to post a picture soon.


Swanson Family said...

We need pictures!

South American Sara said...

What! a report and no photo! Shame. I'm dyin here.

Jaci said...

I agree with those two. I have zero imagination & can't picture anything in my head w/o a photo. HOOK US UP! :o)

jenny said...

i love when your stylist just KNOWS what you need!