Happy New Year!

2008. Wow.
I'm not one for resolutions. As soon as I tie an action to that word, it's for sure a failure. Therefore, I won't call these resolutions, just a change in how I do things. ;)
I went to Target last weekend and bought a handy little whiteboard calendar to hang on our fridge. Each day there is a room or two to be cleaned. Don't get me wrong, we clean our house, but I'll be honest, it could be done a bit more frequent. Nether of us are clean freaks - unfortunately. So what tends to happen is that we let things build up and then we spend a whole weekend cleaning versus doing something more fun. Hopefully this will keep us on track. I'll keep you updated on how it all goes. Any helpful hints would be appreciated!


jenny cook said...

happy new year leah!

oh, i love cleaning! i'm such a dork like that. if you don't have a lot of time (you're a mom, i'm with you on this) then take just 30 minutes and tackle one room/chore. set an actual timer if it will help you. i find giving myself a time limit makes me really work hard to get all my laundry folded and put away! when the 30 minutes is up, you're done!

Mom of 2 said...

I think your new system with the white board will be good!! I'm all for having more fun!
Happy New Year!!