Good Night.....

This past Halloween our neighbors down the street had a little get together after the kids went trick-or-treating. Mike had to work the next morning so he and Brett stayed home and Colton and I went and hung out for a few hours. I learned a lot about my neighbors down the street that night. Good stuff. Fun stuff. I like them.
Anyhow, throughout the night I learned that one of my neighbors was going to school for massage (I don't know the technical term, so I apologize to those that work in profession). He was looking for some people to massage for experience and requirements of the program. Of course I offered myself up. I love massages. Love might even be an understatement.
So tonight was the night. He tells me to undress to my comfort level, lay down face down on the table and cover with the blankets. OK, I can handle that. Then the massage started. It was a full body one hour massage with no child yelling "MOM" to get my attention.
Once my back was done, he moved onto my legs. No matter who it is giving me the massage and they get to my legs, I always tense up at first. I mean, really. They've lost any color that I may have had during the summer months and I'll be honest, really are not as firm, long and slender as I'd like them to be.
As I catch myself drooling and about to fall asleep it's over and I'm heading home to check homework and tuck in my lovely boys.
Now that was a good Tuesday night.

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Jaci said...

Cory says if he wants to rub a man's body, he's game. No issues.