School Pictures......

At the end of September, Colton had his school pictures. I filled out the envelope with our order and put it in his daily planner. I made sure there was no toothpaste on his shirt and that his hair was combed. It was a chilly day, so I made him wear his Old Navy zip up hoodie. He hates wearing layers (he gets that from me) and so it was a battle as it is everyday that a coat of some sort is required.
So the day is over and I'm going through his backpack and daily planner. I see a note from his teacher. It says....."Colton couldn't find his picture envelope until the end of the day. You'll have to save it for picture retakes at the end of October."
WHAT? So I quickly call the phone number on the envelope to see if I can just place my order over the phone. Success. No problem. Perfect.
Soooooooo a few weeks later, still no pictures. I put in a call and right as the gal was looking up my information, their system went down. She tells me she'll call me when the system is back up. I don't hear from her. So, I call again a couple of days later. I learn that it will "still be a couple of weeks until they are ready." In the meantime, picture retakes are coming up so what do I do? What if Colton is winking or has something between his teeth. I won't see the originals before retakes. Mike's advice was - who cares? You have a million pictures of the kid and if his originals are the greatest, big deal. So I decide to let go of the issue and move on.
Well, today, the pictures arrived. I quickly pull them out of the package with Colton hovering over my shoulder. He has a great smile and looks very handsome. And then I notice it. He his wearing his damn Old Navy hoodie over his "picture shirt." AHHHHH! That's not so bad, but you can tell the hood is tucked down inside, which by the way has to be so uncomfortable. I look at Colton and ask why he kept his hoodie on. His reply? "Big deal, mom, and least I've got a good smile." Ain't that the truth.


lib said...

colton cracks me up

Swanson Family said...

Ah the little things. Everyone is going to to look at that smile!!!

Jill said...

Funny story.
I'm with you, maybe it's a "mom" thing. Even though we have a million snapshots, school pictures are school pictures...very important to have, and we want them to look good!!!

Glad to hear that his smile was nice, and the great thing is that you will ALWAYS remember this story, each and every time you look at that blue hoodie!