More Random Thoughts....

The other day I was driving somewhere with the kids. I was flipping through the radio stations and the new one by Flo Rida was on. Colton quickly shouted for me to "keep it here" and proceded to sing the following phrase:

Oh hot damn. This is my jam.
Keep me partyin' to the a.m. Y'all don't understand.
Make me throw my hands in the ayer, ay, ayer, ay ayer

Of course I quickly asked him how the heck he knew the words to the song. He just looked at my and said "I don't know, but everybody knows this song." Lord help me.

My kids are on a sugar high today and it's all my fault. We started making Christmas cookies at 8am today. I realized that I didn't have enough eggs so off to the store we went. I was feeling bad for making them get dressed and bundled up so early in the morning on a Saturday so I let them each pick out a doughnut. Of course they both picked the biggest ones with the most frosting. I'm pretty sure they broke a world record shoving them down their throats. Then as we were making cookies they had to taste the batter and a few of the finished products. Now they are bouncing off the walls, playing air guitar and bugging each other. Is it bed time yet?

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jenny said...

i LOVE that song! haha! me and tucker throw our hands in the ayer when we are in the car listening to it! however - he isn't singing it yet! :)