A couple of weeks ago, Colton started showing quite a bit of interest in the election. He spent a weekend with his grandparents and from then on knew he was voting for McCain. He wanted to know who his dad and I were voting for. He was asking all the neighborhood kids who they were going to vote for.
I asked him why he wanted to vote for McCain. His reasoning was perfect for a six year old boy....."Because he's got cain in his name, just like one of the guys from Friday Night Smackdown" (just an fyi - we DO NOT let him watch that kind of tv, but he does pick up a few things from daycare).
When he found out that his dad and I were not voting for McCain he begged and pleaded for at least one of us to. Why can't you? Pleeeeeaaaaasssseee Mom!
Anyhow, his elementary school voted yesterday. He excitedly came running down the driveway after getting off the bus to tell me that "McCain won. Well, not in real life yet, but at my school!"
He proceeded to tell me that Will, a boy on the bus, told him that if Obama wins we might as well put our guns on the front porch.
Which led me to an explanation about gun control with a six year old. Fun.

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Swanson Family said...

Jeez, Will sounds a little hostile?