Jaci tagged me, so here goes...

I am: happy
I know: how to play the trombone
I want: to lose 10 lbs.
I have: a great life
I miss: Leah - any chance you're moving back from CA?
I feel: tired
I hear: the hum of the computer
I smell: my perfume
I crave: Peanut Butter M&Ms
I cry: very rarely
I search: for missing parts to toys, games, etc.
I wonder: what people's lives are like - when you drive past somebody in a car, I always wonder where they're going, what is their life like and then I make something up.
I regret: sweating so much of the small stuff in years gone by
I love: my husband, kids, family & friends more than they'll ever know
I worry: rarely. It is what it is!
I remember: so much from my childhood
I dance: badly
I don't: like mashed potatoes
I argue: occasionally and only about things that I'm passionate about
I write: on my blog
I win: at Scategories. Remember that game. I rock.
I lose: my mind with my kids sometimes
I wish: I could change the world
I listen: with an open mind
I can usually be found: making lists of things that need to get done
I am scared: of losing people I love.
I need: a vacation on a warm beach by the ocean
I forget: to hold grudges. ;)

I tag Libby, Jenny and Tammy!


Anonymous said...

I miss you!! Maybe not move back but I will FOR SURE come back for a visit. LOVE YA, Leah

jenny said...

you don't like mashed potatoes? crazy!