Date Night

Jenny posted about making time with your spouse to remember what brought you together and how to keep that going....little did she know that really inspired me to plan a date night with my hubby.
I think the last time we actually went and did something with just the two of us - no kids, no friends - was back in September. Well, four months have passed and here we are. So, I found a sitter (thank you Grandma Claudia!) and planned the day/evening for us.
I hate to admit, but it was actually hard to do. I was trying to think of something other than dinner and a movie. I thought about taking a tour of the brewery. Apparently, lots of people like to do that and it's booked until Feb 23! Then I thought about ice skating at The Depot - huh, believe it or not, they weren't open on Saturday. I thought about going to the Go-Kart track. Tempting, but after seeing how intense this place is, I might have ended up with broken bones.
After a day or so of thinking about options....I came up with something.
We're dropping off the kids at about 3:00pm. Then it's off to Dave & Busters for some air hockey, dance competition and skee ball. From there we'll go out for dinner and drinks and then we're going to the comedy club.
I think the best part of all of this will be the fact that we get to sleep in on Sunday! Grandma is keeping the kids so we can catch up on some zzzz's and maybe go out for a peaceful Sunday breakfast!


Swanson Family said...

Enjoy you two, you deserve it!

jenny cook said...

that's awesome! i am glad i wrote that post. matt and i are actually getting out to have dinner along next week. i'm REALLY looking forward to it!

have fun on your date!

Jaime said...

Yeah!! That sounds like so much fun!! I'm jealous:)