No Longer a Virgin.....

A blood donor virgin that is! This afternoon was my first experience of donating blood. I used to donate plasma back in college for happy hour money, but that was years ago.
I had to complete this massive questionairre with such questions as, have you left the country in the past 3 years, do you live with somebody that has hepatitis, and the ever so common question - have you ever been paid for sex? WHAT?!! Of course not. Wow.
Then I start thinking about it as a needle the size of a garden hose is sucking out my blood - would somebody actually say yes to the question? Does that automatically disqualify them? How embarrassing. Of course I was not about to ask the lovely blood drawer as that would probably raise suspicion. I just thought that was weird.
Anyhow, for the lucky (I guess they would be unlucky if they needed blood) sole that gets my blood, I will have you know it has a great iron supply according to the iron testing machine. For those that believe you have to eat a lot of dark green, leafy vegetables I am walking proof that you don't. I don't take vitamins either so I'm not really sure where that iron comes from. I most certainly know it's not from my daily dose of Tootsie Rolls - or is it?!


Jaime said...

Ok, what's your blood type? Is this the first time finding out?
After I had Naydine, I had to be given 2 blood transfusions, 4 pints of A+.
Thank you Leah!! People are lucky to have people like you:)
And, by the way, I am extremely low on iron and I don't eat that much dark, leafy greens. So, maybe you eat a lot of meat?? hehe... Maybe I should start on the Tootsies...

jenny cook said...

good for you! the first time i gave blood i nearly passed out - but it was well worth it. i've done it many times since then.

my grandpa had a rare blood type and they used to call him to the hospital to give blood in an emergency. he actually helped to save the wife of one of my brother's friends - how cool is that? she was just a baby and needed blood and he donated and saved her life. things were different back then and they were at the hospital at the same time and so they knew who their donor was. i just am so proud of that and it is one of the main reasons i give blood. you never know who might need it!

sorry for writing SO much! :)

Jill said...

I gave blood in college once and had a bad experience (nearly passed out and then was nauseated for hours afterward) and I'm still so scared to go back. Even though needles don't bother me at all.

But I guess since I am routinely paid for sex (does it count that I get my husband's credit card to go shopping???!?) I wouldn't be able to, anyway.

(Um, that was a joke. Really.)

Swanson Family said...

Good for you, the world needs blood donors!

Swanson Family said...

Good for you, the world needs blood donors!