New Technology

I don't know how you gals with those fancy cameras do it! I finally got a new camera last week as part of my birthday and Christmas gifts from 2007....yeah I know, it took me awhile to figure out what I really wanted.
I decided on just doing another point-and-shoot as I clearly do not have any extra time to learn something new right now. Well, man, there is still a lot to learn on this fancy little gizmo I've gotten. I think I've read the manual twice now and went on-line to the website for some more tips. Not to mention, I haven't downloaded the new software onto my computer, thus no updated pictures of the boys lately.
Let's just say I've got a hot date with my Cannon and my computer Saturday night. Jealous aren't you?!


Jaime said...

Yeah!! A new camera too!! I also just bought a Canon. I think that was part of my anniversary gift for next month:) hehe... terrible.
What did you get??
There are some good point and shoots out there! I don't know anything about photography YET, but, here's one thing I saw the other day that might apply to you.
Did you get the new Canon where you can mount a flash on top? It's still a point and shoot but there is a flash mount. Anyway, down the road, you could get the flash and your pictures will turn from norm to GREAT. The regular flash washes the pic out, even with the "fancy" cameras. But with the flash that you mount, you can bounce the flash off the ceiling or a wall and actually place the light behind your boys (or wherever it's needed). That way is doesn't blast their faces:)
It's another small investment (about $200) but, it's something I think I'm going to get.
Maybe I should have just emailed you instead of a comment. Geesh... SOAP BOX.

jenny cook said...

sweet - a new camera for you! i feel like throwing my point and shoot out the window every time i use it! anyways - have fun learning and can't wait to see some shots from it!