A Few of My Favorite Things.....

They got me...hook, line and sinker.

Jill and Marilyn came up with five of their favorite things, and so now, here are mine:

1. Trader Joe's Three Buck Chuck wine. Seriously, a bottle of wine that costs $2.99 per bottle that actual tastes really good? Believe it my friends. If you don't have a Trader Joe's around you, I feel for you.

2. Downey Fabric Softener - pick a scent, any scent. The stuff makes our clothes smell fabulous! I never use to be a fabric softner user. I'm really not sure why I started using it. Actually, I think it was because Mike brought home softener versus detergent.

3. L'Oreal Bronzing Lotion - Love this stuff. It doesn't streak and it works fast. I really appreciate a little sunless glow during our long winters. My friend Jamie recommened the towelettes of this same item. I haven't tried those yet.

4. Pay at the pump gas stations. I know that this has been around forever, but after I had children these became more of a necessity than anything. I would drive to the next gas station if they didn't have a pay at the pump. Now that we are in the age that you can't leave your kids in the car when you run in to pay (details, details), it's a lot of work getting kids out of car seats just to run in and pay.

5. Flannel sheets - I am always always always cold. I start putting flannel sheets on our bed in October and don't switch back until April. Oh, and it doesn't help that our bedroom is the tundra - I mean our basement.


South American Sara said...

I am so with you on the three buck chuck! My mom introduced it to me when we were just there visiting. It actually is pretty good wine for $3!! Amazing what a few bucks will buy. And NO I don't have Trader Joe's in Rio. :-( Feel for me my friend

jilldaisbrenne said...

I love love love Trader Joes. Its become home to some of our very favorite foods.... the Mandarain Chicken (in frozen foods) is as good as any Chinese take out you'll find. And Mojito Simmer sauce.... yummm...having some for dinner tonight!! Cheers to TJs!

Jill said...

We just started going to TJ's in Woodbury. Cool store and although I haven't tried their wine, everyone else raves about it.
I am also a fabric softener junkie. I love how it makes my clothes smell, too!

Mom of 2 said...

Ok, I have heard about this 3 Buck Chuck!! Everybody is loving this wine... and the price! I've gotta find a TJ.
I am now using the Bronzing Lotion. Much more affordable to the 6 wipes you get in the box:)
And pay at the pump rocks. I had a girlfriend that left her kid in the car for a minute, literally, and somebody called social services on her. She had to call the PD and speak with the officer and he bitched her out big time. I guess if she wouldn't have called him, she could have gotten a $130 ticket. WTF??!?!! They are just making being a mom impossible!