Ok, so I realize that the yoga craze started years ago. I however, was never interested. It just seemed way to complicated and weird. Well, tonight I participated in my first ever yoga class and it was great! I go to a small health club in town and they had an interest sign-up list right around Christmas time. I thought, huh, what the heck, let's see what this is all about. I don't really buy into all the heavy breathing and forcing the toxins out and only letting positive energy in blah blah blah stuff, but the exercises, excuse me poses were a challenge and I could actually feel my muscles getting sore. Success. Guess I'll go back to class next week.


Kim said...

I love yoga! It really is a workout and I don't believe in all the 'centering' crap either, but when I was in the groove of doing it every day, it really did help me feel more calm and in control... crazy!

Jill said...

Maybe the next time Jaci does her dancing impressions, you'll be able to show her up cause you'll be so darn flexible!

jenny cook said...

oooh! i want to do yoga through community ed. up here. that's the only place they have it. you know, it's such a big town - so many options! jaime if you are reading: tell your mom to have some classes at tnt! :)

Mom of 2 said...

Never done yoga, but I did do pilates. IDK.... I'm not good at that stuff.
I guess for type A blood that you are supposed to do those types of exercises instead of vigorous exercise. You ever read about that stuff?? Maybe I should blog about it.
I love all your new pics of the boys.. VERY CUTE. So fun to see them being best buds!!