Stir Crazy

It's Sunday evening and I've been couped up in my house since I got home from work on Friday. Mike took off Friday afternoon on his annual ice fishing trip which leaves me with the boys and weather that's too cold for me to venture out in.
Trying to entertain a 1 1/2 year old and a 5 1/2 year old for 2 days as been interesting. We've made homemade pizza, read 146 books (give or take a few), played video games, played Matchbox cars, danced around the family room, made root beer floats, did 12 loads of laundry, yes the boys actually did help, took baths, ate LOTS of food and attempted to clean, only to mess it up again.
I think it will be an early night to bed for all of us!

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Swanson Family said...

talk about patience!!! Holy moly you are super Mom!

I think Mike might owe you a weekend away?!?!?!