Here's my answers to the questions left for me earlier this week.

1. From Libby: What is your favorite sport or athletic activity to do?
I would have to say walking or doing the Jillian workouts.

2. From Jill: What are your 3 guilty pleasures?
1. Peanut butter & cookie dough concrete mixers from Culver's
2. Rap music
3. ????

3. From Kim: What do you want for Christmas?
I would like my boys to get along for one week. No fighting, teasing, screaming....but, since that is completely unrealistic, I'm hoping for a watch.

4. From Jaci: What is your dream vacation?
Fiji - warmth, water, beaches = perfect.

5. From Marilyn: Would you rather be invisible or have the power to read minds?
Invisible - hands down. Would LOVE it!

6. From Jenny: What do you miss most about a) childhood, b) high school, c) college, d) life without kids?
a.)having no responsibilities except coming home for dinner when my mom yelled for me
b.)all the free time to spend with friends
c.)sleeping in, taking naps, happy hours and just living in a college town
d.)having money :)

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