Frugal Friday....

For the rest of the Fridays this month, I intend to dedicate a post to ways in which I attempt to save money. I'm not sure this post will help you, but I was pretty excited when I did the math.

I had a coupon for $3 off 3 boxes of General Mills cereals. Last week Target had their GM cereals on sale for $2.50 each. $2.50 x 3 =$7.50 then I applied my coupon and my total was $4.50. I hadn't realized this at the time, but I had movie codes on two of the boxes of cereal which was enough to get one free movie pass valued at $12.00.
Using my girl math (more about that some other time), I'm up $7.50 at this point ($12 - $4.50). I'm actually getting paid to go to the movie theater!
Low and behold, I was flipping through one of those annoying coupon fliers that comes in our mail that never has deals for things other than oil changes and free cream cheese wontons for all the Chinese restaurants, but I came across a coupon for a FREE large popcorn at the theater valued at $7.00.
Again, doing my girl math, now I'm up $14.50 ($7.50 + $7)! After I pay the $5 per kid to get them into the movie, I'm up a whopping $4.50.
Guess where we're going tomorrow?


Jill said...

Sweet! Would love to hear about the girl math. Being a non-math kinda girl myself, you kind of lost me there, but I believe it's a good deal.

What are you going to take the boys to see?

A Day In The Life.... said...

We're going to go see Megamind. I haven't heard rave reviews, but the boys want to see it, so there you go.
I may have to do a full post on my girl math :)

Swanson Family said...

what the hell is girl math? i need that for work!