Random Photo.....

Sometimes you just have to take the easy out. I saw this on another blog. You are supposed to look at your clock and note the time then go into you photo folders, find the picture that correlates to that time and tell the story of the photo.
So, for me it was 6:33. I found the 6th photo album and the 33rd photo. If you don't have that many photos in your particular file folder, then you can use one of the minute numbers to select your folder - meaning I could have used my 3rd folder instead.
This picture was from October of 2008. Brett and I were in his sandbox. There were so many Asian Lady Beetles around us that Brett began squishing them with his little finger.

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Swanson Family said...

oh this is fun. I could do this for a month straight and I know you could too with all the pictures we take ! FUN I am going to have to use this one!