My Apple That Didn't Fall Far From The Tree.....

A few weeks ago, Colton had a list of 25+ things to pick from to share with his reading group about a book that they had just finished. He picked to do a presentation.
I helped him do a little research about the topic and he got very engaged trying to gather every little bit of info he could find on crickets. He typed up his information and printed out a few pictures. He laid out all his work on the poster board and rearranged it about 12 times until he had just the look he wanted.
The next morning he admired his final product and thought perhaps there was a bit more he could add. I kept thinking to myself, "oh my gosh, he is me when I was his age." It made me smile a bit.
As if that wasn't enough to give me a little glow, this past weekend he had to do a project about the word "oak." He asked if me if I would help him create a Power Point presentation. Be still my heart!
He was just jazzed putting it together. His friend called to play and he told him, "not now, I'm working." Too funny. He shared his presentation with the class on Monday. When he came home he asked if he could make another Power Point just for fun.
If I didn't know before, that's enough proof for me that this kid is really mine.

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Swanson Family said...

love it. Its so crazy that they don't use overhead projectors anymore where it took like 20 turns and flips to get it right!!! AHHH technology and the joy of learning!

PS are you saying that Mike didn't take school as seriously?!?!?!??! :)