Thoughts For Thursday.....

This year at work, I'm on a committee that is coordinating efforts to adopt families for the Christmas season. We had no idea how many families would get adopted as this year has been hard economically for many. To our surprise, we had to go back to the county and get more families as the initial 20 families were all adopted within 5 days.

I was lucky enough to have the list of all the families needs and wants and asked my oldest child to read through them. I didn't have to say a word about the types of things the kids on the list were asking for. He just looked up at me and said, "wow."

It really puts things into perspective when 14 year-old boys are asking for sweatshirts, shoelaces and chocolate for Christmas instead of Ipods, gaming systems and Lego kits that sell for $50+.

I'm really excited to be adopting a family this year. It gives me goosebumps every time I think about it to know that the employee's I work with are helping over 100 people have a brighter holiday season.

Do you or your family have a tradition of giving back each Christmas?

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