Blond vs. Brunette

Please remember that these pictures were taken by a 5 1/2 year old....

Back in October, I decided that I should try something new with my hair. I went back to my "natural" color. The best thing about it was that I could go for months without any roots appearing which was a good thing for the old checkbook. But, after awhile, I was feeling a bit pale, bored and itching for summer...... And then......blond hair.I was in the bathroom while Brett was taking a bath and Colton came in with the camera and snapped this one. I need to get a face shot so that you can see the difference, but hubby is working evenings and let's be honest - after a 9 hour work day, a quick run to Target, dinner, two kid baths and homework, I'm really not interested in trying to get a cute shot.
Guess you'll all have to remain on the edge of your seats for yet another day.

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jenny said...

leah - i love your new color! i like 'em both, but i know how dark hair makes you itch for summer. :)