Middle Name Meme

Miss Jaime tagged me with this one.....

(1) You must post the rules on your blog before you answer the questions.(2) You need to list one fact about yourself using each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name use your maiden name instead.(3) When you are finished with your answers, you tag one person for each letter of your name.

KARIN (not Karen, but pronounced Car In)
K- Let's see.....Kitchen - while I don't really really enjoy cooking, I do have to say I'm getting much better at navigating this part of my house.
A- Articulate (except when I'm blogging)
R- Rule follower. Always have been. I get a little nervous if somebody suggests bending them a bit.
I- Irritable in the mornings - it's not pretty; if I can make it 30-60 minutes without somebody asking me a question, it makes for a much better day.
N- Nurturing - this is a newer characteristic for me since I've become a mother.

Now I'm tagging Marilyn, Jaci, Jill, Sara and Tammy


Jaime said...

Ok, I take that back. You are a posting FOOL!!
Great post... Love the pic of your mom and Mike playing GH2!! Sweet! I've played one time and it's the only video game I liked. Kind of helps that we played a little music back in our day, huh??
Have a good week!

Jill said...

You turd. I don't like meme's. But I will be a good sport...

South American Sara said...

I'll play!