The Hunt.....

On Saturday morning we had a little neighborhood egg hunt. I have to say though, it just seemed wrong that the kids had to be in winter coats and boots as they ran around hunting for plastic. Regardless, they had a blast. The neighborhood kids: Colton, Simon, Maison, Hannah, Joslyn and Haley
As I was taking this Colton was saying to me through clenched teeth, "Mom, hurry up I have to go find more eggs." Sorry.
Bigs (that's what we call him) figured he'd just wait it out in the driveway until the other kids felt sorry for him and gave him some of their eggs.


Jill said...

FUNNY! "Bigs".


South American Sara said...

It so doesn't look like Easter. How sad! But I'm happy to see the cold weather didn't stop the neighborhood fun.