Fake or Real?

Get your mind out of the gutter - I'm talking Christmas trees here people.

Growing up, our tree was always real. I remember a few times going out as a family and finding the perfect tree. As I got older and too cool to hang out with my family, I'm guessing my dad would go and cut it down as there weren't tree lots that I can remember. Especially in northern Minnesota.

Now that I have my own family, we have the debate every year. Mike prefers fake while I prefer real. Mike's won out for the past 7 years. I really haven't put up much of a fight though. This year I'm putting my foot down. We are getting a real tree.

Well, we put up our fake tree today. And we're getting a real one tomorrow. I get the real tree upstairs to decorate as Martha Stewarty as I possibly can. The tree downstairs is decorated ala Colton. He picked out the light combo - white lights, then colored than white than colored. I let go of my control issues and let him put the decorations wherever he wanted and didn't move one when he wasn't looking. The only thing I did was put the breakable glass decorations up at the top.

What kind of tree to you have?


Jaci said...

growing up it was always real for us too...but we never got it until like dec. 15th, very late. Then we'd keep it up until like jan. 10th. It was a mess!!

Cory's allergic, so we have a fake one now. But I do prefer multi-colored lights, not just white ones!!


Denise said...

We have a fake one! I like to put it up right after Thanksgiving and keep it up until right after Christmas. I tend to alter from year to year from Clear white lights to colored lights! This year it is Colored lights. Last year we did get a SMALL real tree for the girls to decorate.