Interview with a 3 year old

Monday was Brett's first day at his new daycare. I thought it would be fun to interview him and he was game - you know, because he knows exactly what an interview is.

Me: Did you have fun at Tami's?
B: Yes

Me: What did you do?
B: I don't know.

Me: Did you make some new friends?
B: Yes. Five.

Me: What are their names?
B: Scooper (Cooper) and little Josh.

Me: Was there any girls there?
B: Yes

Me: What are their names?
B: I don't remember.

Me: Did you learn about colors today?
B: Yes. Purple. Daddy's favorite color.

Me: Did you have a snack today?
B: Yes. Crackers.

Me: Did you play with the puppy?
B: YEAH!! I ran round and round and round with the puppy and then bonked heads (he just laughed and laughed about this one.)

Me: Do you want to go to Tami's tomorrow?

The kid almost fell asleep during dinner. He. Was. Exhausted. I consider this a successful day at a new daycare.


Jill said...

Doesn't that just help you to feel so much better about your decision? He will have so much fun the next few years before he goes to school full time. Just what a 3 year old deserves!

P.S. You get waaaay more information out of your 3 yr old than I do. I just get, "I don't know" or "I'm not telling you". Ha!

Jaci said...

I love it when they crack themselves up like that, can you just picture him with the puppy though? He must be in hog heaven!! I bet he'll start doing "kid things" like playing instead of "dusting" like my kids used to do when they got home from Jude's. :o) (because you know they've never seen me dust)