Wildcard Wednesday.......

I couldn't come up with a fun, entertaining or educational post so instead, here are some random bullets.
  • I am hosting Thanksgiving this year. I love it. Actually, I think I enjoy the planning part the best. I'm so type A. I've got my spreadsheet started. It includes the invite list, the menu, the need to buy list, the what in the world ingredient is that list, and the need to clean list.
  • I heart Kemps pomegranate and vanilla swirl frozen yogurt. Delish.
  • I am glad that I found Paul Newman's southwestern salad dressing at Super Target yesterday. Now, that's some good stuff.
  • Am I embarrassed that my first three bullets are about food? Not so much.
  • I found out that my oldest child has been asked to practice respectful listening at school. We've got a plan in place to nip that in the bud. Let's just see if he can remember it.
  • I ordered Pioneer Woman's cookbook and it's scheduled to arrive on November 9th.
  • Marilyn and I have 61 cookie jars to get crackin' on for our Christmas pre-orders. There's still time to order yours if you are interested - just shoot me an email at leahk2121@yahoo.com
  • I need to get my window coverings ordered. Our basement is open for any and all to catch a glimpse of our wild and crazy life.
  • This 30 posts in 30 day thing is going to be a lot harder than I ever imagined. It's only day four. Ugh.


lib said...

keep it going..i love to hear about you guys. way to go on hosting thanksgiving...your fam or mike's? i'll have to scope out the frozen yogurt, always up for a new sweet!

Swanson Family said...

I like the every day posts. I remember when I was doign that, just because. keep it up!

And here is to more and more jars! :)