Sorry, I don't have time to dig up old blasts from the past so I'll leave you with a visual.

Picture it - a three year-old boy that has been fighting a cold for about 4 days. You know, the nice snotty, boogery nose kind of cold. Got that in your head?

Now, picture yourself walking down into your family room and seeing said three year-old on the couch laying on his back.

Now, picture big brother sticking his finger up the three-year old's nose trying to "clean things out so that he can breathe."

I guess they do love each other.


Jill said...

GROSS! But definitely love.

At least he wasn't helping him "poop" better.

Always lookin' at the glass half full, Jill, always lookin' at the glass half full.

Kim said...

that is both gross and freaking hilarious. :)

Swanson Family said...

OMG, I htink I threw up a little when I read this! I also laughed VERY loud, and I can picture it perfectly those two! they are perfect and perfectly wonderful to each other!