It 's deer season. That means I'm a single parent for the next two weekends. I decided to brave the odds and bring the two boys out in public. Together. The deal was, we'd go to IKEA so that I could look for a few things and if they were good, we'd go to Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America. The trip through IKEA was fairly uneventful. That is until Brett was sitting in a kid's egg chair and Colton spun the chair around so hard that it flipped over. That was a real treat. But, the boys managed to behave themselves for the hour we cruised through the store which was pretty darn good since these two can't seem to be nice to each other for more than 8 seconds at a time.
Here's the boys checking out the turtles. Brett was so confused. He truly thought we were going to go into the water and not just underneath. He kept asking, "when do we go in the water?" Here's a picture of some creepy looking fish.
There were tons of big stingrays swimming all around us. I love those things.

These little dudes were probably my favorite.

The hit of the day though was touching the star fish. Brett had to be reminded that these were alive and that he need to be gentle. He was caught tossing one across the little open aquarium.
Both the boys zonked out on the ride home which was great. We had a good day on single mom day one.

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