Our Oldest.....

Our oldest. He's a cool kid. According to his teacher at conferences, he's "a natural leader, he excels in math and reading and is able to wrap his head around all the concepts. He's a competitive kid." That really is Colton in a nutshell. But for more of the fun details....
He's got a sweet tooth. Anything with sugar in it and he's all over it. Wonder who he gets that from? He does not like getting his picture taken. Usually I have to bribe him or catch him when he thinks I'm taking pictures of something else. He's usually telling me "put your camera away mom, geez."
He loves music and can hear a song once or twice and know all the words. He's got some pretty cool moves on the dance floor too.
He's a great big brother. He's the first to pick at him, but also the first to defend him if he thinks anybody is giving him a hard time.

Colton is a well rounded kid. He's really smart and has a steel trap for a memory with one caveat...if it involves something Mike or I tell him that has to do with chores, he quickly forgets what he's asked to do. While he likes school, he'd much rather toss around the football, swing the bat or shoot hoops.

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Jill said...

Awesome post; love the pictures.