Monday Memories.....

If I am going to be posting everyday for 30 days, I'm going to have to pull some topics out of nowhere because quiet frankly, my life isn't full of wild and crazy stories, which by the way I am completely okay with.

For my Monday Memories, we going to take a trip back to fall of 1996 - my senior year.

For some reason, we always had to take a picture of our team in a pyramid form. We did this for basketball, cheerleading and volleyball. Weird, but apparently we thought it was the thing to do.
I'm the gal on the top with the sweet bangs and the ribbons in my hair.
I'm hoping the girls on the bottom are laughing and aren't really screaming in pain.
Go Mariners!


jenny said...

awesome! i was just thinking last night i have to get some of my old pictures out for this month - should be interesting! :)

kim said...

let's go bay! ;)

Swanson Family said...

love this!

Jaci said...

You sure rock a set of bangs, girl! Love it!!!