Thoughts for Thursday.......

This week's thought is about household chores and who does what.

I'm curious to know if you have a spouse or roommate if you each have specific chores that you do. At our house we kind of do.

We've never sat down and wrote a list of who does what because from what I hear, that doesn't add a lot of positive energy to your marriage and besides, I know that my list would be a lot longer than by dear hubby's.

Here's an abbreviated breakdown of who does what at our house - oh and let's not call this a list either. Oh, and let's go ahead and agree not to tell Mike that this exists. Deal? Deal.

I take care of all the bills. Not that Mike hasn't offered to do it. I kind of have a wee bit of a control issue and need to remain in charge of this. This did come back to bite me when I spent two weeks in the hospital and Mike had to take over. He was a bit overwhelmed and didn't realize that people actually pay bills online.

I do the grocery shopping. Mike also has offered to do this, but I prefer that he stays home with the kids so I can have a mental break and compare spiral noodles to penne noodles. Oh and I always love to see my % saved at the bottom of the receipt.

I make 90% of the dinners and Mike does 90% of the dishes. I hate doing dishes. He doesn't really know how to cook (other than grilling, so that is his 10% contribution to making dinner), so this works out great for us.

Mike does most of the outside the house work. You know, mowing, weed whipping, shoveling, that kind of stuff. I like to mow, but apparently, don't do it as good as he does. Whatevs.

I also do the laundry which I don't mind doing. Mike's bright enough to offer to help fold when I drop the basket down in front of him while he is watching baseball. He's such a smart man.

Mike is the picker upper and I'm the duster.

OK, my list that isn't a list is long enough.

Care to share how it works in your household?


Swanson Family said...

not touching this one with a ten foot poll. :)

Denise said...

That sounds VERY much like our list except we dont have a list either!:) You know what I mean.

We are Three said...

Hmmm.. how about I do everything and my husband does nothing? That about sums it up. And yes.. I'm bitter. LOL

kim said...

I pay the bills too (love that job) and probably make dinner 90% of the time? And figure out what we're going to have for dinner, do the grocery shopping, etc. Tom does grilling like Mike. And probably does the dishes more often too... especially right now since I'm usually leaving the table before I'm done with my meal to attend to a cranky baby...

Tom does the yard work too, and definitely snow removal, but I am more into the landscaping/gardening and I also love to mow... that's the Nelson Drive in me. :)

I do the laundry. He does garbage (I HATE garbage).

Everything else is kind of a joint effort. We're totally different though as I'd rather do a little each day to keep on top of things, and he'll get into this mode where he HAS to clean NOW and EVERYTHING has to be done at ONCE and if anyone is in his way, watch out. Ugh, I hate that mode.