Prom in the 90's......

This episode of Monday Memories is all about prom. I went to four of them which is about 2 too many. At our school you had to be a junior or senior to attend, but if you were a sophomore and were asked by an upper classman (and you parents said yes) you could go.
If my memory is correct, I made a deal with a boy when I was in the eigth grade that I would go to prom with him his senior year. I held true to the promise. We double dated with another couple and had a great time.
Here we are dressed in white. Please take note of the pile of hair on the top of my head and the tails on his tux. Good stuff for the spring of 1995. Moving on to Spring 1996 and my junior year. My date was my boyfriend at the time. If you check out any of the blogs I visit, the guy in the photo below is about to become her brother-in-law.
There are a couple of things that I remember quite vividly from this prom, but I'll only share one. If you notice in the picture, I'm standing sideways. Want to know why? Well, let's just say that it isn't a good idea to touch up your nails about 10 minutes before your date arrives. Why you ask? Well, because you could spill almost a full bottle of nail polish right onto your satin dress. I'm just sayin' it could happen.
Onto my senior year. Spring of 1997. I went to two proms this year. I was dating a guy from our rival town and went to prom with him. We had a great time minus the high school drama from the girls at his school that weren't my biggest fans. Whateva.
I just want to jump into this picture and fix my posture - seriously - stand up straight and would it kill you to smile a little? To my defense, I remember being really hungry at this point in the night. Isn't it weird the things that you remember from a particular evening?

Same year - 1997, different prom. One of my best friends from high school was a year older than me and two years older than her boyfriend (now husband). She was cool with letting us go together. I didn't invite the rival town boyfriend to my own prom because in a small town, you have to snag your dates early, as in the first day of school, and my rival town boyfriend and I weren't dating at the time. It's all about your strategy people - gotta play smart.

I really enjoyed all four proms for different reasons. At that time in my life, they all seemed so important. Looking back now, not quite so much. Good memories though!


Kim said...

I laughed at 'gotta play it smart' because we used to totally plan out who everyone would go with so that everyone would have the optimal date... I guess when there's only about ten people to choose from you have to do that. major negotiations involved there. :)

I also love the big old slit in your '95 dress, scandalous!! :)

side note, Tom always teases me because one time I was talking about going on a 'prom date' and he was like, 'prom date? like who you go to prom with?'. and I was all NO, duh, when you go like the week before prom or something and go to Duluth and have dinner and maybe go to a movie (does anyone else remember doing this?). he was like 'WHAT? you silver bay people are SO weird.'

A Day In The Life.... said...

I know - is that slit somthing?!

Oh totally - you have to go a week early to do your pre-prom dinner unless you wanted to hit up Northwoods that evening. ;)

Sheena said...

I totally did the prom date thing too- my senior year we went to belisios in Duluth and possibly a movie... I also remember a group date the night before at the Cove.

Leah I LOVED this post- and suprisingly I remember most of these. Not being old enought to go to prom with you I remember my Mom taking me to Grand March to see all the pretty dresses! I think it's funny that when we had Grand March I thought it was annoying, but now that I remember being a kid and seeing yours I feel like maybe there was some kid out there for mine excited too!

PS Thanks for the shout out on my BroInLaw- such a small town :)

Jill said...

Great and fun post. If I was a rival girl, though I would have totally wanted to kick your ass as well, as all the boys were probably staring at you and I would have been jealous!!

lib said...

this just makes me laugh...those were the days!