Friday Features......

My Friday features this week have no relation to each other except for they are a couple of my favorite "things" right now.

First feature - it's a fantastic musical group that I've talked about before. Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons. The group was featured in a Rolling Stones article in the October 15, 2009 issue along with five others as "a new crop of acts paying homage to their Woodstock and Laurel Canyon predecessors. Sounds like Springsteen with gospel organs, strummy guitars....." Check them out. If you are in the Minneapolis area on Tuesday, November 17th, you can check them out at First Ave.

Second feature - Bath and Body Works new scent - Twilight Woods. I happened to go to the store during the sneak preview. I ended up buying the lotion, a candle and the wallflower. It's a good one.

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