Thought for Thursday......

This week's thought is about loyalty to your hairdresser.

I went and got my hair colored tonight. I'm back to a much lighter color in case you cared.
I've been "seeing" Kinsey now for about 2 years. There was one period in this 2 years where she was unavailable and I need some hair help STAT so I just picked whichever stylist was available.

I felt guilty that whole time and had my fingers crossed that she wasn't working that day and would see me with somebody else.

So I asked her tonight what goes through her mind when one of her clients is "seeing" somebody else. She was very honest and said, "my first thought is that they couldn't get in to see me, but my second thought is oh, crap what did I do wrong last time, but there are some clients that I'm totally okay with them not being my client anymore."

Are you faithful to your hair stylist or do you just go to whomever is available - do you keep going to the same place or do you mix it up?


Anonymous said...

I needed a new stylist.....a year before my wedding. Now, I've been married for 17 years!!! She's my age, LOVES RICK SPRINGFIELD and Leah, Dar, you and me....cut from the same mold. Alphabetizes her spices (duh), if she does a task not on her list she adds it and immediately crosses it off, and the girl loves her wine. I had to "see" someone else for a short while and felt like I was having an affair. I will be forever faithful :o) Jamie Lee

Jill said...

I really like my stylist Julie; have been going to her for about a year and half. The last time I had to go in, I couldn't get in w/ her and needed my hair done bad, so I went w/ another girl, Shannon, at the same salon, which happens to be her best friend. Shannon ended up doing my color and then Julie ended up being available to cut. I actually liked my color better from Shannon, so I'm wondering if I could go w/ Shannon for color and stick w/ Julie for cut, w/out feeling awkward.
THEN....I just met another girl at the health club that has AWESOME hair and she does her own, AND works at a salon. So, now I want to try her, but feel bad about leaving my "girl" where I've been going. Decisions. Just a rough life, eh??

Swanson Family said...

yes I love my hairstylist that i have been going to for alomst 2 years... THANK YOU AMY D. for the referral.
I would HIGHLY recommend my hairdresser if anyone on this side of the cities is interested.

We are Three said...

I have been seeing the same person for my hair for about a year and a half now. The other galat the same salon was great but she never really "listened" to what I wanted to do with my hair. Kristi is the manager of the shop and is a great colorist. I actually just let her do whatever to my hair- must be why it's so super short! My other person I went to for over 8 years but when it cost almost $200 for cut, foil and trim I left.