Our Youngest.....

I was thinking that I'd dedicate a post to each of my children and what they like. Too bad I wasn't the Duggar's or I'd have the rest of my November blog posts and then some.

Brett gets the first post. Being a second child, he rarely gets to be first at anything.
He is a silly boy. He loves to laugh and make you laugh. If you tell him he's funny, his usual response is, "I know."

He loves to be outside and can't seem to get enough of the outdoors. He's a busy little dude. Rarely will he just sit down and relax and rarely does he let you either.

The kid doesn't like his hands messy. It freaks him out. This was torture to him. I wouldn't get a napkin for him until I took his picture.

Brett is our animal lover. He hasn't met a creature he hasn't liked. If I had to guess right now what his profession would be, I'd say a vet, a zookeeper or Peta president.
Love you buddy!

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